Legacy is a six letter word many people use to describe what people leave behind to their friends, loved ones or cause/charities but it actually is not the true legacy that really matters. Every human being leaves a legacy…ones more important, than material goods or money.

These special legacies take a lifetime to accrue and may not be easy to determine because it comes from a collection of accomplishments, relationships, values and truths. It comes from how we live our lives from the time we are small until the time of our death.

Do you know the poem Footprints in the Sand? In a way, the meaning of legacy to me, makes it come to my mind. As you walk on the sand, you leave your footprints in the sand, much like you leave your footprint in life. Those footprints, are like your legacy. It’s what you leave behind, as you walk through life, that establishes where you have been and what others will remember.

Each persons life we touch, every act of kindness or that of ill-will or betrayals, our dedication to causes…it all adds up. It is YOUR legacy! It is your life any way you handle it. With each relationship we forge, no matter how personal, leaves an impact in one way or another. How you impact others and it lives on with them, is your legacy…it’s rather like a domino effect.

In my book, 70 is the new 50, I share my thoughts at the end of chapter 1. It reads: Your legacy is often what you never receive recognition for and can be anything from being that sweet neighbor who volunteers with under-privileged children, to the scientist who improves peanut butter! The point is, what will you leave behind that impacts the lives of others?

Have you ever lost someone to death, wondering what to say at their eulogy, but felt lost because of how we think of this six letter word? Did you wonder what cause they may have left their money to or who they left their belongings to? If so, that is why we are reaching out to you.

A legacy is far greater than that. Sure, the material wealth that can impact lives from generous contributions, is wonderful, but the way your life influences others directly or indirectly through relationships, is probably responsible for those material possessions that were left behind as well. So while you are reflecting back on a life, searching for what that person left behind, remember what the individual did day to day and what they stood for. Was it that dedication to helping others financially, when they needed a hand; a friendly hello when they walked or drove by; the time they gave freely without being judgmental or qualification, when someone needed advice or for just anyone to hear what they had to say; the countless times they gave someone a ride or just the simple act of kindness? This is the real legacy of people. Everyone has one and most never receive the recognition for the things they do, effecting so many others

Still yet, most people when thinking of legacy, believe it is anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: but what we want to help everyone understand, is that statement is only half true. Being handed down from the past ,could be something with no monetary value whatsoever.

I am saying we, because not only do I discuss what legacy means in 70 is the new 50, but my son, Simon Ambrose, is also writing his book to be released in 2018, titled Generation Ark: How to Leave a Lasting Legacy, which will show you, exactly how you can preserve the legacy you and your loved ones have to share. A legacy is one you earn, not one you can buy, and personal to only you. It is from a lifetime of hard work molding yourself, into what you want your life to mean. Your legacy, is what your next generation has to build on and hopefully hold their heads high about and one that others may benefit from as well.

Remember, your legacy does not mean you have to be the next inventor of how to cook while living onMars or the next car that can fly on command! In other words, it does not have to be about something earth scattering but you, yourself. I cannot stress that enough.

The important thing is that you choose your legacy and do it as soon as you know it is important to you, because it takes time. They come in varying packages—all different from the other but unique to you.-Chris Ambrose…www.70isthenew50.com

You may still be asking, why is a legacy important? It’s important because when you have departed from this world, your children, grandchildren or your great-grandchildren may want to know about their life and history of the past that may effect them now…while they are reflecting and wondering, if they are doing anything that connects to the lives before them. Is there a legacy pattern from you, with regards to behavior, or tendencies, that they may have inherited or not. This is just one of many reasons why legacy, should be important to you.

In order to make an informed decision about legacies, be sure to understand what you want from life and how you would want to be remembered …is it financially or through good deeds. Maybe you want to leave a legacy for your family but have no idea what it is or how to go about it. Again, Generation Ark: How to Leave a Lasting Legacy, authored by Simon Ambrose, will help you find the answers you need. He will show and explain to you, how to sort through the memories with those you love ,so that those precious memories are never lost and you rejoice in those feelings of knowing a part of your history will never be lost.

If you do not care about leaving a legacy internationally, that is okay too! No matter what you do in life, be it planning a legacy or sailing through life from one day to the next…we all leave a legacy behind, of some kind. Your passion in life is what will drive you to be whatever you desire. Your legacy will follow from there!

Perhaps you are a private person that does not care about sharing your accomplishments in life or feel what you have done does not count. Believe me, whatever you have done in your lifetime counts and someone, somewhere was effected and that impact likely travelled down to others. Like I said,…the dominos effect!

We live in the age of Baby Boomers for which I am a part of, and trust me when I tell you, most of us are now reflecting back on our lives , looking to see if our lives counted for something or left an impression. If your family falls in this age group, take the time and help them record their yesterdays. Encourage old stories, photographs, remedies of the past, expressions that were once a part of their lives…it does not matter how many times you may have heard the same old tale…one day you will be in the same position and then you can share not only your story but the one from the family you grew up with… Now, this is legacy at it’s finest time.


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      Hi Chris

      Great book

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        Thank you Liz,

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