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Life in England

Part 3

As you well know by now, nothing has been better for me, than life in England, but here in Liverpool, is where I met my bride of so many years. Irene, caught and won my  attention, so because we have now come to Liverpool in my travels, I have decided to share with you this city, in honor of her memory. It was where Irene and I met, and it is an area packed full of magic!

Liverpool, is now a city of nearly 500,000 people  but while I was there, the population was slightly more with activity bustling everywhere around, creating the excitement two people in love could find intoxicating. Liverpool is a maritime city in northwest England, where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea.

Liverpool was once known as Liuerpul with it possibly meaning a pool or creek with muddy water and can be traced back to 1190.

Liverpool, by the early 1900’s, controlled much of the world’s shipping and most of the world’s largest ships were Liverpool owned: SS Mauritania and SS Titanic being amongst them. 40% of the worlds trade passed through Liverpool, the port was so large.

Liverpool, in 2008 became the European City of Culture, forming the nucleus of the metropolitan county of Merseyside in the historic county of Lancashire.

So, you can well imagine there was plenty of things to do to sport my sweetheart around. You can even find entertainment observing the large ocean liners that graced our harbors and where dreams of travel and adventure quenched our thirst for we were perfectly happy in England.

Irene lit up my life the moment we met with her boundless energy and passion. Her glow lit the way of each new adventure and her love of others attracted individuals from all over, seeking her friendship. But none as much as myself. She made me laugh with her wit, humor and charm and what was even more amazing was how she laughed at my jokes. Irene, was my bride of 36 years and she was my everything…my entire  world…And she loved to go out clubbing where she could dance the night away! We met on October 31, 1970 at the  Cabin Club in Liverpool. and were married, November of 1973. FYI: Situated in a prime spot at the top of Bold Street, opposite the Bombed out Church, The Cabin Club was a popular nightspot for many years before it closed in 2015. George Harrison is believed to have written Don’t Bother Me for The Beatles after being harassed on his way into the club. 

Planning permission for the redevelopment was granted in August, with work said to be complete in early December. 

Photograph-Right: Scottish restaurant chain Bar Soba is opening a venue in Liverpool at the former Cabin Club. Pictured is a typical restaurant interior.

In the name of progress, here is what Club Cabin Liverpool will look like soon! I feel sure I will favor the original! (Credit:

Our adventures often inspired Irene to paint from the canvas of her own mind and today, eight years after her death, I look at her paintings and know my bride is still close to me.

Needless to say, I was determined to make a lasting impression on our first date but never would I have consciously knocked at her door with cement on my shoes! My job in Liverpool at the time  as a Civil Engineer was to oversee the building of a motorway. Hence, the messy shoes! She actually loved my lack of pretension or trying too hard say, I. Yes, indeed I had met the love of my life.

The respect and admiration I have of the sea has lead me down many trails and began many years ago, as it had for Irene. Walking under the moonlit skies along the water with the salty scent, left an impression for us both, as later in life Irene took up oil painting from the memory of what she had seen and I found my peace while I enjoyed walking miles of new coastal paths, uncovering treasures with each new footprint. Neither of us realized we would later in life discover new paths of interest, sparked from our memories spent in Liverpool England.

Can you picture yourself walking hand in hand, with someone special under the most stunning sunsets in the entire United Kingdom, and where the dazzling golden colored sun tucks behind the Wirral peninsula, along the World Heritage Waterfront? I can and its easy to recall the many strolls we had taken down the banks of the River Mersey. As you probably also know by now, that I am a hopeless romantic so you may enjoy the story behind the River Mersey.

As you stroll along the dockside, the Albert Dock, you’ll find it shares two museums for touring. One of which is the Merseyside’s Maritime and the other, The International Slavery Museum, which was a tragic development of the bustling maritime trade and Britains role in the rise of slavery. It is also the home of The Beatles

FYI: Ferry Cross the Mersey” (sometimes written Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey) is a song written by Gerry Marsden. It was first recorded by his band Gerry and the Pacemakers and released in late 1964 in the UK and in 1965 in the United States. It was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, reaching number six in the United States[2] and number eight in the UK.[3] The song is from the film of the same name and was released on its soundtrack album. In the mid-1990s a musical theatre production also titled Ferry Cross the Mersey related Gerry Marsden’s Mersey-beat days; it premiered in Liverpool and played in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Part of the famous lyrics remain in my mind, and perhaps they will remind you of some happy memories from the days of yesteryear which you can visit in this very city of Liverpool.

Life goes on day after day

Hearts torn in every way
So ferry ‘cross the Mersey
‘Cause this land’s the place I love
nd here I’ll stay

Still looking for something to do? The history and architectural designs with a diversity of bright lights, and impressive buildings along with artwork alone is enough to keep you otherwise busy just sightseeing!

Not into city life? No problem as Formby Point, offers you quaint sandy beaches, where activities vary depending on your interest, and very close to cheshire line lies a sandy sea-grass covered dunes where behind it you may find the protected red squirrels hiding in the pine woodlands. It is even said that with an organized walk lead by an archaeologist, pre-historic footprints have also been discovered just under the sand! 

Knowsley Safari Park, offers a wide range of wildlife you would not expect to see in a typical zoo, so it is entertaining for the entire family.

Thank you for visiting my post in Liverpool and my tribute to my late wife, Irene. Please share and come again the last week of this month when I share my next walking weekend in Essex  England where new experiences await both you and I, in territory unknown!  


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