There are many ways to define The Golden Years. The phrase itself was dubbed with the name in 1959, while in advertising campaign for America’s first and large scale retirement community  The idea was that this group of retirees would enjoy this phase in life  to play, rest and enjoy every new adventure of traveling to hopefully places never seen before. The expression often heard from the retired person was that they were too old to work, and too young to die. It’s no wonder why they grabbed all that was meant by this expression! It was even viewed as a second childhood. This was retirement celebrated after all the years you drug yourself out of bed to work, the years of keeping your mouth closed when you knew you had a better solution than your boss, or working holidays or even when you were sick…finally you are free to do whatever you wanted to do! It was a time to do anything but work. If you were 55 plus, you had the world at your disposal…right?

Wrong! The problem with no longer working was that you also had to deal with loneliness and the feeling of having little purpose in life. Soon, the words began ringing out that The Golden Years truly sucked!

Feeling alone? Depressed?What about discouraged and down, with nothing to look forward to doing? These and many other emotions are felt for those in The Golden Years. But it is entirely how you handle these situations, as to how you will live your life in retirement. Interested in what makes these special days better? According to a Canadian study the keys are: health, money, and a meaningful life. Make no mistake, it does not mean you have to have a body like Hercules, oodles of money in a bank account, or even be a master of happiness ,but it does mean learning to be healthy and happy. 

Are you filling your head with negatives of the world around you…angered by political news or your neighbors new barking dog that howls all night, or just upset and sick of things you cannot control? Well, if anything is answered yes, then stop it! Work on what you can control. What about taking dance lessons, hike every day or plan a journey along the beach, join a club and learn to play, being happy and social. Lost your way or your spouse? Be sure you lay happiness where it can be accessed.

Is this you, enjoying life or you as above, angry at the world because you are lonely, disgusted with retirement or simply unhappy, and feeling as though you have no purpose in life?

Get up, get moving and find your place in The Golden Years. Check out my books today. You will find strength, the will to learn new challenges and the spirit to depend on yourself to discover what makes you happy and whole once more.



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