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Author Chris Ambrose 

Your Friend Forever

Loving someone is perhaps our greatest emotion life can offer us. I have experienced what it was like to love and be loved. 

Do you remember the days at school when the small Valentine’s Day card was tucked inside of a little envelope, and the sweetest messages were handed out to your friends in hopes of getting one back?

They were a delicate size heart shaped candy with personal messages that would  light up your whole day when you received your very own message. Why do you think that was? For me, it’s a feeling of being special to one person who values you above most everyone else in their lives. Having a forever friend means you never feel alone, even in the darkest of times; knowing when to listen or lend a hand without being asked; standing by or being supported yourself, and no matter what the circumstance, loyalty is never in question.

Valentine’s Day will be soon upon us where love is professed amongst those bitten by the love bug, or a new friend is made or maybe you just showing gratitude for a compassionate teacher…and it does not matter if it has just occurred or been a part of your life for years so long as you remember to acknowledge the importance of your friendships. Sadly some friends including our loved ones have come and gone but do take the time to realize how they have impacted your life. Take time out to reflect on the spirit of love this February 14th as an excellent way for the year to begin.

Have you ever felt as though your breath was taken away when you are in the room with that someone special? Or maybe wondered what life would be like if your partner were to depart suddenly through wanderlust or tragically through death?

I decided, as I often do, to research the history or meaning of Valentine’s Day and discovered a few interesting facts that some of you may not realize. While most of us are acquainted with the loving side of Valentine’s Day, when you exchange your love of friendships and romance, there’s another side of this important day that is not as charming. On this date in history almost 100 years ago, (February 14, 1929) seven (7) men were massacred as they stood lined up against a wall in an ongoing war between Al Capone and the infamous Irish gangster, George Bugs Moran. A fight between bootleggers and their territories that ended up badly. 

Pope Gelasius I, during the 5th century, replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day. This is a celebration that took place on February 15th each year but a far cry from anything I would associate with love, although it was with overtones with intentions. Lupercalia was a bloody, violent and sexually-charged celebration that used animal sacrifice, and random matchmaking with expectations of warding off evil spirits and infertility. I for one, being an animal lover, am relieved to have the lovers celebration than that which is part of any violence.

While it is believed by most that this day is celebrated only in the United States, from which it originated, it is celebrated around the world with each country’s own unique ways to honor St. Valentine.

In ancient Rome, the official beginning of spring was in February, and it was considered to be the time for purification. Homes were ritually purged by cleaning them out, then sprinkling salt and a type of wheat called spelt throughout their interiors in an earnest effort to purify their homes.

As I researched the meaning of Valentine’s Day, I came across even the defined ways to describe how to know when you are in love. I had to chuckle as I read them, thinking there was never a doubt in my mind what I was feeling when the bug of happiness accompanied the emotions of falling in love. But here they were listed out for those that do not recognize when they are in the throes of passion. Now, of course, these signs are purely scientific, and though somewhat in agreement of similar list, personally, I would advise you to listen to your heart. The top listed ways to know you are in love wins out to feeling a genuine rush or a high when you think of your mate, and you cannot get them out of your head. Now, this one was not a problem I had where one experiences sleeplessness and loss of appetite. My sweetheart was a magnificent cook, and I had no problems enjoying a meal! But I finally knew my heart had been stolen when we began planning a future together.

After considerable interest in what Valentine’s Day meant, and with its obvious connection to love, it occurred to me there is a distinct difference between conditional and unconditional love. The defining difference is that conditional love comes from ego and it is generally focusing on a particular person such as a romantic partner, child, parent, friend or something inanimate such as a home, car or possession. Immediately, the thoughts racing through my mind as the perfect example of unconditional love would be of your family pet. I have known the love of a dog in my lifetime and can tell you that their love is truly unconditional. Have you given thought to the difference? 

Unconditional love is a love like none other. There are no conditions, restraints or limitations. That is not to say it is always easy and may be at times uncomfortable but you are still on their side with an honest offering of good communication that you are there for them without judgment, and to see to their support any time it is needed. It most often means that you have intense emotional feelings giving all of your devotion and respect to the one person you share a relationship with in life. To have this kind of love did you know it must begin with loving yourself, forgiving and accepting your partner as well as yourself as they are actually not wanting to change them?

Your Dog Loves YouThat Way? Are dogs really capable of love? Absolutely!

Dogs have long since been dubbed as man’s best friend that adore their owners. I, myself, do not believe you own any breathing soul but do feel a four-legged fur child is a family member. This family member is loyal almost at times to a fault and proven not to be just an act to be fed. Dogs are really capable of love! It’s known as the love hormone and the very same chemical used to create human bonds between them.

The gentle nudge of a wet nose accompanied with wet sloppy kisses as they eagerly greet you at the door or when you are ill, or even feeling down. I have a friend whose fur family member wakes her when she has health issues that need immediate attention or tends to perfect strangers when they are ill or injured. That kind of affection spurs your fur child even to recognize subtle changes in our demeanors calling attention to us when they feel we need correcting! In fact, studies have shown that when looking directly in a dog’s eyes can boost levels of oxytocin (a hormone involved in social bonding), both for them and the human, proving their motives are not driven by a hungry belly! In fact, there is nothing artificial that could ever replace the sheer authenticity of feeling from your dog. They as a matter of proven fact, are the only species that mimic that of a human child, running to its human family member for comfort when it is frightened, anxious or just pleased to see us. My friend’s dog runs and stands between the legs of her human family when insecure, seeking out eye contact and closeness. I know it is why some countries bring a pet to work or offer a break where an employee can stop and interact with a dog aiding in relaxation and lowering blood pressure of a stressful day.

Romance? No, dogs cannot offer you that type of relationship but my sharing love with you is for you to understand the importance of the emotion, but also you hopefully realize love comes in many shapes or descriptions. That emotion is one that no life should ever be denied whether it is a romance, companionship or a forever friendship. But passion is the one aspect of those fuzzy feelings that takes you from a friendship to a different type of love, allowing you to experience adventure and intense emotions, in hopes of finding your perfect partner.

What defines a romantic relationship?

Some may ask if humans need to be loved. My reply is yes. It is a basic need as breathing, water, food, housing or so many things. It is what provides us with the feelings of security and even safety so that we can grow.

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