70 is the new 50

How to Create an Enduring Legacy

70 is the new 50, is intended to assist anyone world over with the way they live their lives. In 2010, I lost my wife suddenly and my world fell apart. Every day was worse than the one before and I felt I could not go forward with my life. I had no interest in life without my partner nor had any idea where or how to begin building my life over and alone. I felt as though my life was over.

The one person I was fortunate enough to have by my side, was my loving son, Simon. He embraced me and helped us heal from our broken hearts. Simon's strength supported us both and together we learned how to recover from grief. My book will enable you to follow along with any part of my journey that suits you but the basic concept will hold your hand in time of need.

Although grief is a huge emotion to deal with, it is not the only concern we face. Financial wreckage in our lives with no direction for our retirement, physical or mentally being unfit, poor dietary habits or brain dysfunction can all lead to disappointment without a plan. My book will help you set a plan to head in the correct direction to help you with your financial outlook and daily care of yourself.

Sharing my childhood memories with you was done for your entertainment of a child that dared fate with every opportunity available taking risks that followed him through life...mine. My book is targeted to help you as an adult looking for direction, rethink what may be of importance with your own children's memories, gain control of your physical health through proper nutrition and look at both history and those that made the most of their lives to serve by example the many ways demonstrating life only begins at 70 and nothing is impossible if you just dare to dream! Come join me and walk 600 miles in my shoes, learning how you can heal from anything, become a healthy, successful and happy well-balanced person, who looks forward to each new day. Each and every day is a brand new beginning...You just have to live it!

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About the Author

The age of 18 found me still on the farm where my grandparents and parents created the perfect and happy life for us all, on an eleven-acre farm. The pranks and dare devil schemes I learned to do as a child, lingered on into my adult life teaching me that taking risks, was not all bad and prepared me for lessons I would soon find necessary to have learned. It was also where we raised much of our own food and I learned what I needed, for preparing myself for life in the future and teaching me the importance of earning a living, though I was just a youngster.

Our farm was located in a small town known as Andover, England. My grandpa taught me how to milk cows, fish and even learn to tell tall tales! My life never knew anything but happiness growing up being loved and learning how to give that love back in return. The love bug took a hold of me one fateful evening when I ask my sweetheart to dance and blissfulness continued to grace my life allowing my job challenges to be even easier to face head on. It wasn't too long afterwards we had a son, Simon, who made us proud in every way.

I seemed to always know my life would one day take me into the world of Engineering, as it has. My work was challenging and I held several responsibilities working as an Engineer overseeing many crews. But I also continued to take up those dare devil activities! But again, they prepared me for the life I never realized one day I would have with my son. It wasn't until that tragic day my wife, Irene, passed away in 2010. that my son, Simon, led me back to living life again through new experiences and adventures that brought breath back into my life. I decided to engage in a fire walk at age 70, swim with a dolphin that even kissed me and swam with tiger snakes (when younger) and sharks!

I learned to live life over again at age 70, making me realize my life was just getting started. I learned about Day Trading, took up martial arts and physical fitness activities and enjoyed cruises and road trips with Simon. Most of all, I learned that you are only limited by your own inhibitions. The lesson here for me was...I really, never gave up!

Of all I have done in my life, my greatest accomplishment is my family. Simon and Irene were and are my life and driving force for the adventure's that unfold inside the pages of my book. Together, we share joy, sorrow and great happiness. Join me at our family farm where Bessie, my friendly cow, gooseberries and my dog Jane help shape my life into what I am today. Learn about martial arts, dolphins, proper dietary needs, financial freedom and how to find your way back from devastation. Hope reigns and victories gain the path of all tomorrows.

70 is the new 50

How to Create an Enduring Legacy

  • How to Create an Enduring Legacy

    Financial, mental and spiritual look into how wellness effects your life and how to leave a legacy.

  • My Own Life Experiences

    Happy childhood memories, marriage, career and learning to say good-bye to your partner.

  • How to Develop and Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

    Taking charge of your life, staying focused on the positive, meeting friends and getting out.

  • Keeping Fit

    Stay fit with martial arts, walking, and new challenges; how to help yourself stay healthy.

  • Having a Sensible Diet

    Recognizing when your body matures; what to do for yourself using a proper diet

  • Taking Up New Challenges

    Finding a new hobby, making new friends and engaging your brain…write or Blog.

  • Taking Up a Sporting Activity

    Exercise those muscles for recreational enjoyment, but stopping to enjoy life and kiss a dolphin!

  • Traveling and Seeing the World, Keep Moving!

    Take a cruise, safari or road trip sharing with friends and family.

  • Ideas for How You Could Subsidize Your Success and Financial Independence

    Learn to make investments: start an online business; flip homes; recognize when you need help

  • Examples of Active, Motivated 70-Year-Olds

    Learn from those who, by example can lead you on your life’s journey for success.


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